OnePlus promises to fix the jelly effect on the OnePlus 5, but can it really?


As more customers complain their OnePlus 5 devices are affected by the “jelly scrolling” issue, the Chinese company is trying to address the problem. After claiming earlier this week the so-called jelly effect is in fact “natural,” OnePlus support is now saying that its engineers are working to address the problem.

Even if OnePlus seems quite optimistic about dealing with the issue (yes, it's an issue), its engineers might not be able to do anything about it. We reported earlier today that the main reason the jelly scrolling problem affects the OnePlus 5 could be the fact that the panel has been mounted upside down.

Moreover, the jelly effect issue was replicated by other users who inverted the display of their smartphones (other than the OnePlus 5) to 180 degrees orientation. In order to counter this behavior, OnePlus' engineers must find a way to make the smartphone believe the screen is normally mounted (not upside down).

Naturally, this is just a guess since we don't know yet what OnePlus had in mind when it decided to out the panel upside down in the first place. It remains to be seen whether these tweets are meant to tone down vocal OnePlus 5 users, or the company is really trying its best to correct this issue.

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