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A gadget is a small technological device or appliances that have a particular task. These technical devices are used in our daily life to make our life easier and more suitable; you can control your TV, DVD player, music system and even also your car with remote control. Gadgets are very easy to use even a 19th century person can handle it. Today’s gadgets are design smartly, these look like very sleek, light and cool have many great functions to attract everybody, sometimes gadgets called gizmos."

Gadgets are also available for windows vista desktop, Google desktop and the personal home page of windows live and iGoogle, these gadgets are known as widgets. Widgets are mini application that mostly used in the windows environment such as computer desktop or personal home page. These widgets provide countless functions that include customized news and stock quotes, calendar, dictionary lookups, cartoons and games

Gadgets are light-weight single-purpose applications that execute on user's computer desktop or laptops. It will be possible for the different types of gadgets to run on different environments without modification. Some time these gadgets are called widgets.
The term gadget was first employed by the developers of Amiga OS. Widgets provides fully graphical user interface to control all elements.
Types of gadgets:
Web gadgets - gadgets which run on a web site.

Sidebar gadgets - run on the desktop or run on the                       Windows Sidebar.

SideShow gadgets - run on secondary external displays, such as on the outside of a laptop or even on an LCD panel in a keyboard, and potentially mobile phones and other devices.

Web Gadgets:
Web gadgets run on Web sites such as Today’s most of the web sites stuck gadgets on their web pages to attract users. Web gadgets are mini-applications that can use for many purposes like E-mail reading or sending, weather reports, slide shows, search, games etc. With the help of gadgets you can create multiple site tabs and customize each with different feeds, gadgets, layouts, and color schemes.

Desktop gadgets
Desktop gadgets are also called desktop widgets. Widgets are small specific applications that are usually designed to do simple tasks, such as clocks, calendars, search tools etc. Desktop gadgets can also be used to control external applications such as Windows Media Center sidebar is found on either the right side or the left side of the
Windows; you can easily see these gadgets in Windows Vista operating system. Basically
Gadgets are placed on the sidebar of window or can also be placed elsewhere on the screen according to your facility they are automatically aligned.

SideShow gadgets
SideShow gadgets mostly used in laptops, netbooks, cell phones or even on LCD panel in a keyboard. Windows SideShow is a new technology that lets Windows Vista drive auxiliary, small displays of various form-factors where ready-access to bite-size bits of information could be represented. Today’s laptops mostly include these SideShow gadgets you can see it on the outside of a laptops, you can access the information and media even when the main system is in a standby mode. Data can also be displayed on cell phones and other network-connected devices via Bluetooth and other connectivity options.

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